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Discussing about home furniture, minimalist sofa must be one of the main topics. The existence of a minimalist type of sofa in a residence can be a measure of the level of comfort that everyone covets. The physical appearance of a minimalist living room sofa, for example, can be so tempting that relatives or friends who come feel at home staying longer. Because the minimalist type sofa is not just a property, but part of everyday where you and your family go through precious moments. Therefore from now on there are many shops that sell sofas in order to complement the comfort needs of your home.

Brand: Teak Palace Model: Divo
Sale modern luxury sofa set 321 Divo series using teak wood frame with cooffee table in light brown color, great for a large living room sofa, director and official office sofa, hotel sofa, TV watching sofa or for the family room to relax. This modern minimalist sofa is made using full quality origi..
Rp. 38,999,000,-
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